A love of DoDo
The most joyous gift for Mother’s Day

The perfect Mother’s Day gift is a loving hug, that DoDo reinterprets into “heirloom” rings full of meaning, gifts that bring with them all of the joy of a perpetual caress, a gesture full of gratitude.

They can be the wings of mini butterflies in rose gold - also with small diamonds or sapphires - places on stackable rings to poetically share love and recognition with gentle wing beats, alighting on the heart of anyone we call mother. Strongly associated with feelings and the spirit, the Farfalla collection is in itself an homage to great mother nature, in DoDo’s heart since its founding thirty years ago.

For those, however, that love more streamlined and delicately sculptural style, they can’t help but find the perfect embrace in the DoDo Essentials collection. The wave rings, in rose gold with diamond pavé dégradé or with hanging diamonds that dance on the finger, can only represent the essence of love.