Client service



If you want to receive your Dodo jewel by Christmas:

Delivery guaranteed by 12/24 for orders placed and received before 4pm (GTM +1) of the following dates depending on your shipping country and order value.

COUNTRY Orders with a value below €5.000 Orders with a value above €5.000
Austria 12/15/23 12/20/23 12/19/23
Belgium 12/19/23 12/20/23 12/19/23
Croatia 12/15/23 12/20/23 12/19/23
Czech Republic 12/15/23 12/20/23 12/19/23
Estonia 12/13/23 12/20/23 12/19/23
France 12/18/23 12/20/23 12/19/23
Germany 12/18/23 12/20/23 12/19/23
Greece 12/12/23 12/20/23 12/15/23
Holy See 12/18/23 12/20/23 12/19/23
Hungary 12/15/23 12/20/23 12/19/23
Italy 12/15/23 12/20/23 12/19/23
Japan N.A. 12/19/23 12/15/23
Luxembourg 12/18/23 12/20/23 12/19/23
Malta N.A. 12/19/23 12/18/23
Mexico N.A. 12/18/23 12/15/23
Monaco 12/18/23 12/20/23 12/19/23
The Netherlands 12/19/23 12/20/23 12/19/23
Poland 12/18/23 12/20/23 12/19/23
Portugal 12/15/23 12/20/23 12/19/23
San Marino 12/15/23 12/19/23 12/18/23
Slovakia 12/15/23 12/20/23 12/19/23
Slovenia 12/18/23 12/20/23 12/19/23
Spain 12/15/23 12/20/23 12/19/23
Switzerland 12/15/23 12/20/23 12/19/23
United Kingdom 12/15/23 12/20/23 12/19/23
United States N.A. 12/18/23 12/15/23
South Korea N.A. 12/8/23 12/7/23

On, the standard and express shipping options have to be paid unless the free shipping promotion is active.

You can choose the express shipping option in the countries where the service is available. Please check the table below to know the available shipping option timing and costs for each country.

Country Shipping option Shipping cost Lead Time
Austria Standard Shipping 10 € 2-3 days
Express shipping 15 € 1-2 days
Belgium Standard Shipping 10 € 1-3 days
Express shipping 15 € 1-2 days
Croatia Standard Shipping 10 € 3-4 days
Express shipping 15 € 1-3 days
Czech Republic Standard Shipping 10 € 2-3 days
Express shipping 15 € 1-2 days
Estonia Standard Shipping 10 € 4-5 days
Express shipping 15 € 1-2 days
France Standard Shipping 10 € 2-3 days
Express shipping 15 € 1-2 days
Germany Standard Shipping 10 € 1-3 days
Express shipping 15 € 1-2 days
Greece Express Shipping Only 15 € 2-5 days
Holy See Standard Shipping 10 € 2-4 days
Express shipping 15 € 1-3 days
Hungary Standard Shipping 10 € 2-3 days
Express shipping 15 € 1-2 days
Italy Standard Shipping 10 € 2-4 days
Express shipping 15 € 1-3 days
Japan Express Shipping Only 1.900 ¥ 2-6 days
Luxembourg Standard Shipping 10 € 1-3 days
Express shipping 15 € 1-2 days
Malta Express Shipping Only 15 € 2 days
Mexico Express Shipping Only 390 Mex$ 2-6 days
Monaco Standard Shipping 10 € 3-4 days
Express shipping 15 € 1-3 days
The Netherlands Standard Shipping 10 € 1-3 days
Express shipping 15 € 1-2 days
Poland Standard Shipping 10 € 2-3 days
Express shipping 15 € 1-2 days
Portugal Standard Shipping 10 € 3-4 days
Express shipping 15 € 1-2 days
San Marino Express shipping 15 € 1-3 days
Slovakia Standard Shipping 10 € 3 days
Express shipping 15 € 1-2 days
Slovenia Standard Shipping 10 € 2-3 days
Express shipping 15 € 1-2 days
Spain Standard Shipping 10 € 2-3 days
Express shipping 15 € 1-2 days
Switzerland Standard Shipping 15 CHF 2-3 days
Express shipping 25 CHF 1-2 days
United Kingdom Standard Shipping 9 £ 1-4 days
Express shipping 13 £ 1-3 days
United States Express Shipping Only 17 $ 2-6 days

Please consider that the delivery timing starts from the moment when your order is shipped, not placed.

All orders are processed from Monday through Friday, excluding weekends and holidays. To calculate the total delivery time for an order, in addition to the time indicated by the Client’s preferred shipping method, please consider up to two business days from the date the orders is placed.

You will receive an email containing your Tracking Number once your package has been shipped from our warehouse.

Our courier delivers from Monday to Friday during business hours and will make three delivery attempts. After the third failed attempt, your order will be returned to our warehouse. Please note that once you have placed an order, it is no longer possible to modify your shipping address.

All orders are processed automatically and we are unable to expedite or delay shipping times on request.

The purchased Products shall be delivered by a courier service selected by us (“Courier”). Products shall be delivered to the address indicated by you in the order form. We are not responsible for any delivery problems arising from incomplete or incorrect address details supplied by you. Please note that we will not deliver to PO Boxes, address of freight forwarders, or hotels. Moreover we will not deliver to Ile d'Heligoland, Bisingen, Iles Canaries, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Tenerife, La Gomera, El Hierro, La Palma, Plazas mayores, Ceuta, Melilla, Plazas menores, îles Zaffarines, île du Congrès, Île Isabelle II, Île du Roi, îles Alhucemas, Rocher d'Alhucemas, île de Terre, île de Mer, Rocher de Vélez de la Gomera, DOM_Départements d’Outremer, Guyane Française, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Réunion, TOM _Territoires d’Outremer, (COM_collectivités d'Outremer & TAAF), Nouvelle-Calédonie (COM), Wallis et Fortuna (COM), Polynésie Française (COM), Mayotte (COM), Saint-Martin (COM), Saint-Barthélemy (COM), Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon (COM), Terre australes et antarctiques françaises (TAAF), Mont Athos, Livigno, Campionne d'Italia, Lac de Lugano, Azores Islands, Sao Miguel islands, Santa Maria islands, Terceira islands, Graciosa islands, Sao Jorge islands, Pico islands, Faial islands, Flores islands, Corvo islands, Porto Santo, Les Iles Anglo-Normandes, Alderney, Jersey, Guernesay, Sark, Herm, Les Minquiers, Gibraltar.

The delivery address of your order must match the country site in which you place your order. Orders made from a different country site than the delivery address will be automatically cancelled. Please select the correct country site for your order from the link in the footer of every page.

The billing address may be different form the shipping address and it can be in a country different from the country site in which you place your order.

You will receive a confirmation e-mail as soon as your order will be shipped. In this e-mail you will find a tracking code so that you will be able to follow your order until it is delivered.

Upon delivery of the Products by the Courier, you (or the person designated by you) are required to sign the delivery note and to provide an ID document.

Dear customer, if your order is to be shipped in the US territory please consider that US Customs may require more information about you. You may be contacted by US customs to provide your Social Security Number and/or Tax ID in order to clear customs for your order.


For all orders place from November 15th through December 24th, the return period is extended until 14 January 2024.

You must return the purchased products within fourteen (14) days from the delivery date for receiving a refund of the purchase price. Only the purchase shipped to Japan, Mexico and US can be returned within thirty (30) days.

The Products shall be returned in their original condition, unaltered, unused, undamaged, in their original packaging and with original tags and labels attached along with all accessories and related documents (e.g., instructions booklet, Product certificates, etc.) if any, and undamaged box.

If you decide to return your order, please follow the instructions in order to complete the return process with no additional fees and receive a full refund.

  1. Complete the return form that you will find in your order's original package, check the product/s, the quantity and the reason why you would like to return the selected items.
  2. Insert the return form together with the product/s you want to return in the original package or in a box with similar dimensions. Please apply the pre-paid currier return label on the box and secure the package for mailing. Please place the label in such a way that it is perfectly visible on the box so that the return address and the barcode are not hidden in any way.
  3. Drop off the package at the nearest UPS Access point or contact UPS to schedule a pick-up.

If you want to know the UPS pick-up number or link specific for your country, please see the table below:

Country Country Code Phone number e-mail address
Austria AT 43 1 700734411
Belgium BE 32 78250877
Switzerland CH 421268622328
Czech Republic CZ 420 233 003 300
420 233 029 400
Croatia HR 385 1 4444 777
Hungary HU 36 1 877 0000
Poland PL 48 22 489 48 77
Slovakia SK 421 268 622 328
Slovenia SI 386 4 281 12 00
Germany DE 49 6966 4050 60
Estonia EE 372 666 4700
Spain ES 34 91 7456400
34 91 7797567
Greece GR 30 21 0998 4000
Portugal PT 351 21 9407099
France FR 33 1 73006661
United Kingdom GB 44 207 9490190
Italy IT 39 02 25088650
39 02 30303039
Japan JP 81-3-5484-5834
Luxembourg LU 352 26 43 43 1
Netherland NL 31 20 5040500
Monaco FR 33 1 730066
Malta MT 356 21 803670
Mexico MX 52 55 25950400
San Marino IT 39 02 25088650
39 02 30303039
United States US 1-800-782-7892

You will be notified by email when the package arrives in our warehouse. We will verify if the package meets return conditions and requirements as well as conduct Product quality check. Only after the product is deemed acceptable/compliant to our conditions and requirements, we will proceed with a full refund. You will receive a Credit Note notification email once the refund is processed.

If you have lost the label, please contact our Client Service through the contacts available in the Contact Us section of the Website.

We will refund you all amounts paid by you within fourteen (14) days from the date we received your returned product, or you have provided evidence that you have returned them, whichever is the earliest.